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With the highest range in on-board  wifi, integrated cellular 4g LTE networks, and compatible with your current VSAT, Yacht WiFi promises that you will have the best connection, least hassle, and without doubt, our product is the best value for you, your family, and your crew.

Wi-Fi range has a direct effect on Wi-Fi speeds. The further out you go on a Wi-Fi network the more your Wi-Fi speed degrades until you no longer have a connection.
Your wireless environment plays a large role in determining the performance of your wireless network. Wi-Fi products operate optimally in a point to point scenario where there are no obstructions between the Wi-Fi Access Point/Router and your Wi-Fi adapter (PC, IPad, IPhone, etc.). Many items within your wireless environment can cause wireless performance to degrade.
This items include:
-Nearby Wi-Fi networks operating in the same channel frequency as your Wi-Fi network
-Metal objects and metallic tinted windows
-General Obstructions
Wi-Fi Radio Strength: 
Each Wi-Fi product includes a wireless radio that transmits (Tx) and receives (Rx) wireless signals. The range performance of a Wi-Fi product is determined by the transmitting power and receiving sensitivity of the Wi-Fi radio inside the product. For optimal range and performance, both the Wi-Fi Access Point/Router and Wi-Fi adapter (PC, iPad, iPhone, etc.) must have strong transmitting (Tx) and receiving (Rx) radios for a strong connection.
            If only the transmitting power is strong and the receiving sensitivity is weak, then the Wi-Fi product and overall network performance is only as strong as its weakest link. In other words, if you have a Wi-Fi product that has poor transmitting power (Tx) then your Wi-Fi range will only go as far as the transmitting power on the Wi-Fi radio will allow.

Wi-Fi Antennas:
Each Wi-Fi radio includes a Wi-Fi antenna to send out its Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi
 antennas shape the pattern of your wireless signal and help to increase the
transmitting power (Tx) of your Wi-Fi product. (Wi-Fi Antennas do not boost
your Wi-Fi products receiving sensitivity (Rx)). Different antennas may be
used to help concentrate the Wi-Fi signal of your product in a single direction
for more wireless transmitting power (Tx) and more range.
[Antenna Pattern]